Banana Pudding: Southern Hospitality

Happy Saturday morning, everyone! I am not quite sure, but I think Saturday morning is my favorite part of the traditional weekend. I feel like I have the entire weekend ahead of me – and I just love that feeling! This morning mom was getting ready for our out of town guests that will be…… Continue reading Banana Pudding: Southern Hospitality

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Bison, Jicama and an Amazing Dinner

Last year I was given a very cool cookbook: I have to admit, that last night was the first time I made a recipe out of the book. Sometimes I found the book overwhelming because there are a lot of ingredients that are not the easiest to get a hold of… but I had a…… Continue reading Bison, Jicama and an Amazing Dinner

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A Great New Soup Recipe

If you make one soup this fall, it should probably be this one. The recipe appeared on my Facebook feed Saturday morning and I immediately said out loud, “Oh I have to make this tonight!” I love curry, and I love cumin – and these flavors were big players in this soup. It was beautiful,…… Continue reading A Great New Soup Recipe

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A Special Dinner

Since I have been not working my normal 8 AM – 5 PM, Monday through Friday gig, I have been doing a lot of cooking for people. Last night I made an elaborate birthday dinner for that someone special. This person happens to love braised short ribs – something I have never made before, but…… Continue reading A Special Dinner

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Gluten Free Dinner Night – Spaghetti Squash and Boeuf Ragù

Good Wednesday evening to you, blog readers! I have spent a few hours in the kitchen today. I had extended family over for dinner and made a great gluten free dinner for everyone. To celebrate autumn, I decided on a recipe with Spaghetti Squash! I made another recipe from skinny – I just love…… Continue reading Gluten Free Dinner Night – Spaghetti Squash and Boeuf Ragù


A New Twist on Lasagna

…or a roll for that matter. So, recently i have found myself with a little bit of extra time on my hands. I have also found myself on a very serious budget. I know it sounds weird, but from time to time I have put myself on a serious budget to see how little money…… Continue reading A New Twist on Lasagna

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Tomato Gratin

On Tuesday my mom returned home from visiting my grandmother in Tennessee. She came back with a lot of amazing homegrown tomatoes. We knew we had to eat them pretty quickly because we did not to waste a single one of my grandmother’s homegrown tomatoes. On Wednesday mom and I both had great tomato sandwiches…… Continue reading Tomato Gratin


Rustic Blueberry Tart

Last Saturday night I hosted a dinner party for two good friends, for a total of four people for dinner. Not a huge gathering by any means, but it was fun and intimate. I started the day by going to get a table cloth for the dining room table. Simple enough, I thought. But one…… Continue reading Rustic Blueberry Tart


The other day…

The other day I did what some people think is sort of a strange thing (but I don’t). I signed up for Weight Watchers. Over this winter I have put on a few pounds, and I decided to take control of the situation and WW helped me several years ago – so I decided to…… Continue reading The other day…



Well, somehow I survived the five day work week. Everyone around me was coming down with the stomach bug, the flu, or a nasty cold. But somehow I have remained healthy – so far. Yes, I just knocked on wood. I made a big culinary purchase this week – and I almost wonder if it…… Continue reading Sunday