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A post on Monday, thus I am one day behind

Hi All –

Yesterday I did not have my camera  –  and I think it showed a little bit in my morning eating 🙂 Yikes! I started off the day at work with a coffee with milk, and an oatmeal cookie that one of my colleagues brought in for me. Since she brought them in to share with me, I could not say no. The breakfast cookie I had was fantastic – and hey, it had oatmeal in it, so I did not feel too bad.

At around 10 in the morning, I decided to have a little bit of the breakfast I brought from home.  I ate half of the amazing croissant I had brought home from Bread & Chocolate on Sunday… so good!! I was very full after half  of it though. (The other two went right into the freezer last night!)

I think everyone at work had a chill yesterday from surviving the three non-stop days of snow. Thankfully the caf had chicken noodle soupfor lunch and I had a cup of it. The veggies, chicken and noodles were all fantastic! It was definitely one of the best chicken noodle soups I have had – not counting my mom’s homemade kind (which is out of this world)! With the soup I enjoyed a whole wheat roll.  

I was surprised how full this little tiny lunch kept me! It was not until 4pm that I went down to grab my afternoon snack – a blueberry Chobani. That really hit the spot and filled me right up.

After work I headed over to the Shops at the Prudential Center.  I had to stop by Lululemon to purchase some running pants for my sister. I was definitely disappointed in this shopping experience – which is weird since normally I adore shopping at Lululemon.  Last night I found it really difficult to get anyone to help me, and they did not have what I was looking for. Of course I found something that I think my sister would like – but it was not what I had in mind. Oh well.

 I was even more frustrated to find out that the store was not set up to validate parking yet – even though they have been open for WEEKS!!  So even though I was already late to meet my friends – i had to run the opposite way to customer service to get THEM to validate my parking.  I was really annoyed at that point.

Anyhow – after the shopping excursion, I slowly made my way down to Stephanie’s on Newbury Street.  I have to tell you – the side walks in Boston were horrible last night!!! So slippery! Either there were inches of ice on the sidewalks, or the sidewalks had been totally cleared, but the water leftover was starting to freeze just enough to make it totally dangerous to walk on. It took me much longer to walk around last night – but at least  I did not fall!

I met up with two of my great friends last night for drinks (I had a great drink of water and lemon!) and apps to celebrate the holidays together.  It was a fantastically fun evening! We ordered two apps (lobster quasidella and calamari – both totally fantastic!) and a dessert – which we hardly ever do.  We all split a piece  hot chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on top. Even between the three of us, we could not finish dessert. It was one of the best desserts I have ever had!

After dinner, I poked into the Apple store where I fell in love with the new Nano. I love the colors! I have decided that I want one  –  even though there is nothing wrong with my 30G  full size iPod – I think a Nano would be easier to run with, and I could get a strap for my arm 🙂 How silly am I? Oh well.

I ended the evening by getting the one last gift I needed to be done with my holiday shopping – how exciting that was!

I hope that everyone had a great Monday. 

I am getting geared up for  the rest of my week – spent on Holiday! I am so thrilled to have a few days off and to be able to spend time with my family. There is nothing better!

I will do my best to keep posting during my days off, so check back and see what we have been up to!  Until then, safe travels and happy holidays


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