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Friday – Parker House outing!

Hi everyone – TGIF a day late! I forgot my camera at home yesterday, but I did not eat much at work. The only thing I did not record was a bagel with peanut butter.

I left work a couple of hours early to hang out with Ben’s parents who are visiting from Colorado. I got home around 2:30 and had a late lunch to start the afternoon. I had gone for a beautiful work during lunch time at work, so by 2:30 I was pretty hungry. I enjoyed some left over chicken wantons,

along with broccoli and brown rice:

After this snacky meal, I was still a little hungry so I enjoyed a few of my favorite things: fresh strawberries and fresh blackberries. I love fresh berries! They are such a great sign of spring and summer! My handful of berries was the perfect dessert. 🙂

Soon after I finished snacking Ben’s parents and  I headed  to downtown Boston to meet up with Ben after work.

We had a beautiful walk through the Boston Commons and the Public Gardens!  Friday was the first really warm day we have had in Boston – and it is one of the best times in the city – when it first feels like spring (or summer for that matter!) and the city comes alive.  The city was also buzzing with lots of Marathon runners. It was so exciting to see all of the runners carrying their yellow bags with their bib numbers… it made me a little sad and wanting to run the marathon with them!

Once we met Ben outside of his building, we went across the street to the Omni Parker House to have dinner.  We enjoyed clam chowder (which the Parker House is very well known for) – I enjoyed mine tremendously – but I couldn’t quite finish my cup… imagine if I had ordered a bowl!?

After the chowder, we all enjoyed a hamburger slider which were really good. After the sliders, Ben and I split a Boston Cream Pie dessert – the one thing you have to order when you go to the Parker House – they invented it! Our pie was beautiful and tasted divine!

Although this was an early dinner, it was the last food I enjoyed of the day. Thankfully we also had a four mile walk after dinner – which was just wonderful.
I’ve got to run – but I’ll be back later today to recap our Saturday. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!


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