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Hi All –

I think I’m finally getting into the vacation frame of mind. I’m well rested, which is great! I woke up a little bit before 8 o’clock this morning and felt really wonderful.  I sipped on the Dunkin’ Donuts coffee Ben got me this morning (ordered perfectly – with milk and no sugar – thanks Ben!) and then got ready to go for a quick run on the treadmill.

The run / walk was a quickie – but I’m glad I did it. I was on the treadmill for 25 minutes and covered just over 2 miles.  I was pretty impressed with the treadmills in the hotel’s gym and the workout room was kept nice and cool and it was not stuffy at all, which was nice.

After the exercise, I went back to the room and got ready for the day.  I also got breakfast ready – Silk soy milk, coffee, an apple, Stoneyfield yogurt (vanilla) and half a whole wheat seasme seed bagel with peanut butter:

This combo should keep me going for a while today. I really like the peanut butter that I picked up at WF yesterday – Justin’s Organic Classic peanut butter.  These packs are the BEST things for a vacation – I know Ben and I will be taking these with us more often on our trips!

Today I will be doing more exploring of Portland, Maine with my mom… and later this afternoon we will be heading up to Freeport to continue my mini-vacation. I will have to do a re-cap of last night later – because I had to use Ben’s camera and forgot to download them before he took the camera back!  But here are some high lights:

Yesterday I went to the Portland Museum of Art and fell in love with it. The museum was totally wonderful, and a state of the art institution. If you are ever in Portland – please take a couple of hours and check it out!

After the museum, I met up with Ben and a few of his colleagues and went to a Portland Sea Dogs minor league baseball game… it was a lot of fun but just a little bit cold!

After the game (we left in the fifth inning, I think) we went to a local brewery – Sebago Brewing Co. This was a lot of fun and we watched the first half of the awesome Celtics game here. We all had dinner… Ben had a chicken and brie sandwich and I had  great veggie quesadilla. (I had about three out of the eight pieces, actually!)

Well, I’m going to head out for the day. I will post again either tonight or tomorrow – depending on internet access at our next place!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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