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Wednesday – dinner out, etc.

Hi there readers –

I am beginning to wonder if I start my weekly Wednesday blog post by stating that the week is dragging… I hope not. But guess what? I sort of feel like this week is dragging. Ugh. The good news is that after Wednesday’s are over, the rest of the week usually goes by quickly.

Thankfully my work day went rather quickly today as I was pretty busy with lots of different things going on in the building.

I am happy to report that I made it out of bed at a decent time yet again today.  It was definitely a struggle, because my body has not realized that I need to start falling asleep earlier if I’m going to be getting up earlier – I was still up at 11:45 last night which made the 6am alarm a little difficult to hear!

I had breakfast at home today and had a few minutes to relax before running out the door. I had a light multi-grain English muffin, a little less than a tablespoon of peanut butter, 1/2 a cup of yogurt with a sprinkle of granola and a small glass of light soy milk. Quite a breakfast!

The granola I have been using this week is Chappaqua Crunch Granola. I really like this crunchy stuff and it is made up of rolled oats with raspberries!

I have to say that having my lunch planned out for the week has been a huge time saver this week – it only took me a few minutes to throw together my salad and put a small piece of quiche in my glass pyrex container and get on my way to work. 🙂

I had breakfast at 7:15 this morning and at 11 AM I had a graham cracker as my morning snack. I was very busy today, and was finally about to go for a 20 or 25 minute walk at around 12:30 this afternoon.  I ate lunch at my desk at 1 o’clock… the salad and quiche combo was good once again!

I also had a tablespoon of balsamic with the salad… bad news? I ran out this morning – must get to Trader Joe’s soon to get more! Balsamic is my favorite dressing 🙂
Once again – sorry that the quiche is sooo unattractive. But here it is:

I am not sure what I’m going to have for lunch tomorrow with my salad. Not sure if I want quiche again. TBD, I guess!

At 3:45 this afternoon I really needed a snack. Thankfully I packed an apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter (which was a little watery, I guess?) – this was always my favorite snack growing up as a kid… I still love it!

After work tonight I went to dinner with some great friends. I really do not go out to dinner all that much -and when I do I feel like I always make the wrong choice. It can get really annoying!
Today I ordered baked scrod. It was ok. My sides were really good though – a baked potato and an order of steamed broccoli.

Having dinner with my friends was so much fun – even if my main dish was not the best! For the record, I ate about a third of the fish.

Right now I am really enjoying the second part of Brian Williams’ special from the White House.  It is so interesting!

I hope you’re all having a great day – I’ll see you tomorrow!


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