Sunday evening bbq

Hey All –

Ben and I had a great evening with our friends Courtney & Roy tonight.  They had us over for a great dinner…
I enjoyed one Harpoon Summer beer during the evening, it was wonderful!

Roy was busy grilling while Courtney had prepared all of the other dishes of the evening.  Roy was making ribs for the boys and chicken for the girls 🙂

I am fairly sure that this was my first official cookout / barbeque of the summer season… and it was wonderful!

On my plate would be chicken, potato salad, awesome collard greens, corn pudding, and baked beans!

Courtney & Roy had recently been impressed with grilling week on the Food Network and they love the Neelys from Down Home with the Neelys on the Food Network… I loved the Southern influence in the food of the evening!

Ben and I were in charge of dessert… which means I stopped at Bread & Chocolate this afternoon. I picked up four treats, and after dinner I split each into four pieces. I did not try all of the desserts – but I definitely had a couple. 😀

On the plate: sour cream brownie, double chocolate brownie and two great cupcakes.

I am sort of exhausted now – but I thought ahead enough to make a small batch of overnight oatmeal / oat bran to enjoy tomorrow morning.

See you all soon – thanks for reading, blog friends!



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