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Tuesday & Wednesday

This week is sort of getting away from me. I cannot believe that tomorrow is Thursday!  On Tuesday and Wednesday I was running late to work, so I ran out of time for breakfast… both days I paid a visit to Eunice & Steve at Bread and Chocolate. On Tuesday I had a blueberry muffin and on Wednesday I had an orange poppy seed muffin (I still think this one is my favorite!)

Orange Poppy Seed Muffin:

Tuesday was a great day – the first day of sunshine in days – it was wonderful to be able to take a nice and long power walk during lunch. I walked for 45 minutes.  I ate lunch at my desk –  I had another great spinach salad with carrots, red peppers and cucumbers. I also had a bit of the left over cous cous. When I was preparing the cous cous, I diced up half of a red pepper, and cooked it in with the rest of the spices, etc. It really adds a nice element to the grains.

Red Pepper Cous Cous:

Spinach salad:

I hate to report that for dinner on Tuesday night I had pizza 🙂  I had two pieces and veggies on the side…

Wednesday morning was the poppy seed muffin, and a medium French roast coffee with skim milk.  I had lunch around 12:30 this afternoon. Ben was a doll and packed a piece of pizza in my lunch bag,

and I made myself another spinach salad with grape tomatoes, carrots, cucs, and red peppers… I also added a tablespoon of Newman’s Own”Lighten Up” Low Fat Sesame Ginger dressing.

At 3:45 I had my afternoon snack… another great yogurt mixture of flax, PB2, blueberries and a small amount of granola. This is my new favorite summer snack!

After work today (Wednesday, if you’ve lost track!) Ben and I packed our stuff and drove down to Rhode Island to spend a couple of days with my mom. Ben has meetings in Providence for the next couple of days, and I will be driving to work from my mom’s which will take me about an hour each way. I am excited to hang out with my mom and have some good quality time together… speaking of which, I will wrap this blog entry up now!

I hope you all have a great Thursday – and  I will be back tomorrow :mrgreen:

See ya’ll soon!


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