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Long day – Run and Sushi to the Rescue

Hey all –

Wow, I really hate my long commute to work during the holidays. There is so much traffic, it is just about unbearable. But I am not going to waste time thinking about it 🙂

I was feeling really run down last night and this morning, so I opted to sleep in a little bit later than normal today. I woke up at 750 this morning, had a cup of coffee and a slower than usual morning. The commute to work was going well, until I ran into a six mile traffic jam from hell. Yuck. But after I got through the traffic jam, the rest of my ride to work was fine. For breakfast I had one piece of an Arnold sandwich thin with Barney Butter.

One of the student interns at work made the most amazing “Rolo Cookies”. Seriously. The cookies are chocolate with rolo candies in the middle. They were amazingly too good. I had two cookies before lunch.

For lunch I had my mom’s chili with meat, beans and veggies. I added a tablespoon of sour cream and a small handful of light Mexican blend cheese. It was all very good.


(I know, it’s a disgusting photo – sorry about that)

My afternoon snack was a tangerine… and another rolo cookie.

I left work at around 5 o’clock tonight. I had my running clothes on before getting into the car, thank goodness, because if I did not I would not have made it to the gym. I got to the gym at 6:30 (that is way too long of a drive, people!) I had a quick workout, running 2.3 miles and weights for twenty minutes.

I quickly stopped by East Side Market. I was totally craving sushi. It was 7:30 and I thought the market might be out of sushi this late into the evening. However, I really lucked out. I found a shrimp roll made with brown rice. Yum. I got home at 8 o’clock, which is way too late on a school night for me. But I enjoyed my sushi and I feel accomplished that I got to the gym tonight 🙂



Well, it’s 9 o’clock, I am exhausted so I will be heading for bed now. Good night bloggies!


4 thoughts on “Long day – Run and Sushi to the Rescue

  1. I’m going to start keeping track of my running again!
    We should grab sushi and watch the Celtics soon one day!
    Run run run run!

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