Tuesday – back to reality

Hey Bloggies –

Well, I must say I had such a wonderful few days off and a great holiday break. Unfortunately, my alarm went of at 5:40 this morning and the sound of it (and the fact that it was still dark out) made me want to cry. Oh well, somehow I managed to pull myself together and get out of bed!

I was thinking ahead last night and thought enough to pack my lunch and breakfast, put out all of my clothes for today, and pack my gym bag. Thankfully my mom was kind enough to prepare and pre-set our coffee maker last night, too 🙂  I was showered, dressed, and out the door by 6:19 this morning and on the road by 6:20. I had several bags with me. A lunch bag, my large purse and my gym bag along with my water bottle and new travel coffee cup. My hands were full – and I was wearing mittens which made it a little more difficult to get everything out in one trip, somehow I managed.

For those of you who are also working today and this week, I hope your work week is off to a great start. I managed to get to work by 7:05 this morning – quite an accomplishment!  This will leave me plenty of time to run and have a good workout at the gym today. I am hoping to schedule my first personal training appointment tonight, thanks to my awesome sister who gave me a gift certificate to my gym for personal training sessions!

I will return tonight for a full recap of the day. But for the record, my chocolate peppermint Luna bar really helped get my day off to a great start.

See you soon!


One thought on “Tuesday – back to reality

  1. 5:40 alarm this morning? That makes me misty. Ah, I love an early morning. I am glad – you go girl! Dinner tomorrow? Adventure? Sushi at home? Ideas? I have to say, I’m excited.

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