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If you think you do not have time to exercise…

Think again!

I definitely felt that I did not have time to exercise this week. I went for a couple of twenty minute walks, and instead of taking the elevator at work I took the stairs, even when it meant climbing six floors 🙂 I like to readjust my eating and my daily habits when I know I will not be able to go running several miles during the week as I like to. Taking the stairs all day is a big help in getting in some cardio.

This morning I had thought I would try and get to the gym, but being on a tight schedule and wanting to carve out some time for myself, I opted to take it easy this morning. Life has been soo busy this week I did not have any time for myself. But even though I did not make the time to go to the gym today (I feel a little guilty!) I did find time to do 30 minutes of yoga at home.

Yoga at home is wonderful. When I need to get moving but do not have time to drive twenty minutes to the gym, work out for forty minutes, shower, etc. and drive twenty minutes home, I can still find time to do yoga at home! Even twenty minutes of yoga or any activity is better than sitting on the couch. 😀

If you need a starting point for yoga at home I would highly recommend trying out Yoga Downloads on line. This morning I did a twenty minute program of Morning Flow #1 with another ten minutes of sun salutes. I loved stretching and using my muscles, and I even did a shoulder stand! Yoga is a great way to start your day – that is for sure.

Well, I’m off to get ready for my trip to Connecticut. I’ll see you all soon!


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