Breakfast · Running · Walk

A Busy Tuesday

Wow, I am not going to lie – I am exhausted right now! It has been a busy but good day. The best part!? The rain has stopped! A lot of flooding, debris left behind, but the storm has moved on. It was getting a little crazy yesterday with the inches of rain, washed out roads and train tracks and really high winds. Wow!

So, this morning I was out of the house by 7am this morning. Last night I was weighing my options on how to get to work – what would be less delayed? The train or the car? I decided to go with the train! Thankfully, the commute in to work went well and was not too delayed. I surveyed the damage during my ride in to work – a lot of flooding.

Breakfast was an “easy grab” this morning – a new bar! This is the Luna Protein bar – chocolate peanut butter flavor:


I really wanted this bar to be great. I really like Luna, and I loved the flavor (peanut butter!!). I really liked the consistency of the bar:


The bar had 12 grams of protein, which I also really liked. It was rather high in fat, 9 grams, four grams of saturated fat (over 20% of my daily recommended amount of Sat Fat). This will be a good “once in a while” treat. It tasted good, not too sweet (I hate overly sweet bars!) and it kept my hunger at bay for FOUR hours – I was impressed.

Before lunch I went for a 15 minute walk out side. It was windy, but beautiful and sort of warm. (50 degrees!) It was so nice to get outside after dealing with rain since FRIDAY.

Lunch was a salad again…


Along with two whole wheat crackers and one laughing cow wedge of cheese. I never realized that the wedges have less protein when compared to the light babybel (2 grams or so versus 6 grams).

My salad all mixed together:


With the help of one of my favorite dressings (usually I make my own, but I love this one!)


The dressing is a little high in sodium (I am a tough person to please, I guess!) but the flavor is wonderful.

After the salad, crackers and cheese I had a small piece of Dove dark chocolate:


It hit the spot! My afternoon snack was 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt. I walked a beautiful 1.3 miles to the train after work. On the train I enjoyed a small handful of almonds, raisins and a couple of semi-sweet chocolate chips. This was my pre-run / workout snack and I am glad I had it. I ran 3 miles and then did 25 minutes of weights. I got home at 8 o’clock tonight!! It was a long day. Dinner: a piece of bread, glass of 1% milk, and 1 cup of left over beef stroganoff + noodles. Not pretty, no photo taken 🙂

Right now I’m relaxing with a cup of peppermint tea and will be heading to bed before 10 o’clock yet again. I hope you all had a great day. See you tomorrow!


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