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I wonder…

if I will ever get to the All Star Sandwich Bar. Sigh. My friend Katherine and I have made plans a few times to walk over to the All Star Sandwich Bar from her apartment one night after work. She lives in Central Square, and the Sandwich Bar is in Inman. It is not that far away. We can both walk. So what seems to be the problem?? Every single time we make this plan, it turns out to be pouring rain. Seriously. Of course last night was no exception. I was so excited to go. I even updated my Facebook status to say how much I was looking forward to my dinner of sandwich amazing-ness. I should have known that I was jinxing it. I should have known. By 4 o’clock it was almost as dark as midnight. The skies opened up, buckets of rain were falling from the sky, and the lighting was extreme! I was actually a little frightened. When I realized that I had to walk in this mess, I was definitely afraid. When I was ready to leave work at 4:45 the rain was at its worst. So I waited it out for a few minutes. By the time I left the streets, sidewalks and gutters were flooding. By the time I got on the bus, which was going to take me to the subway, I was soaked. At least power lines and trees were not falling down – that happened a few months ago on another night I was hanging out with Katherine!

But I am going to start at the beginning. With breakfast. Thursday I packed all of my stuff for the overnight – including my computer, camera, disk reader, etc. – and I had two heavy bags. I also had a cup of coffee and a water bottle. I literally did not have a free hand to take my lunch bag. (I know, nice excuse, right??) I was packed to the gills. However, I snuck a packet of Quaker oatmeal into my overnight bag! So, I brought coffee and my breakfast to work. 🙂


It was hot and sticky outside, and by the time I got to the train, took the train (1 hour approximately) walked to the bus, took the bus and then walked three blocks to my office, I was h-o-t. Not really in the mood for oatmeal. But I ate them because I brought them. They filled me up nicely. As did the coffee. I was in desperate need of caffeine. What’s new?

Lunch was a different story. I had to walk. I had to fork over a few dollars because I did not bother going grocery shopping this week. It is all my fault. Even if I did have food for lunch, I do not think I would have had the room to bring anything with me. I decided to venture out in the oppressive humidity in search for something healthy and budget conscious. I ended up at ABP, where I purchased a salad and a lovely piece of whole grain bread. I spent $5.25…


The salad was surprisingly good. I tried to limit some of my choices, and not pile up on the uber expensive stuff… The salad consisted of:

two hard boiled egg halves (1 egg total)

chick peas


two cucumbers (I think they might be weighing my usual salad down!)




roasted red pepper

A splash of both EVOO and red wine vinegar

A quick grind of pepper.

A couple of hearty croutons

I loved this salad.

The multi-grain bread was not photographed, and you can barely capture a glimpse of the lemon seltzer I also enjoyed (I brought that from home a few days ago – I was thrilled to find it in the staff fridge!) It was a great lunch. But next week I really need to bring my eats from home. Stay tuned for what I end up creating! Right now I am envisioning a salad like the one pictured above and perhaps half a sandwich or something…

The rest of the evening I spent with Katherine. We always have a great time together. We ended up hitting the grocery store in her neighborhood, where we got a pizza, some fruit, some Lärabars, a bottle of wine, and some AMAZING Stoneyfield ice cream. Caramel flavored. Seriously, I cannot remember when I indulged in such a treat. We both had small (or normal) sized portions, and it was the best evening treat I can remember. I will be getting some soon, and I’ll show you how fantastic it is.

Dinner for me – two pieces of chicken pizza:


It was fantastic. Tomato, red onion, mozzarella and chicken. I loved it! The flavor worked well for a pizza – it was not traditional, but it was not too crazy either. A lot of times I shy away from chicken on pizza, but this blend of ingredients was a success.

That about wraps up the day. I’ll be back soon – hope everyone is having a great Friday!


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