I am sort of surprised that after being in the kitchen all day, I had not had a proper meal until dinner. I skipped breakfast and once the quiche went into the oven I grabbed a piece of whole wheat bread and smeared a bit of Teddie on to it. I also had a cup of coffee. Thankfully I kept hydrated with my trusty water bottle, which was by my side the entire day 🙂

I was really excited for dinner tonight. I had saved a bit of the homemade mac and cheese and cooked it in one of my little Le Creuset pans. 😀


This homemade macaroni and cheese is seriously one of my favorite recipes of all time. I love it. I should really make it more often. Remind me of that one day, readers. Thank you in advance.

Ok, so in an effort to NOT eat an entire (small) plate full of mac & cheese, I also made a good size salad… I used a lot of the same vegetables that I used for my friends’ salad earlier today.

My dinner tonight:




Tip: When I am eating a rich dinner, I always eat off of a lunch plate instead of an American ‘dinner’ plate. Dinner plates are gigantic in my mind. So even though it looks like I am eating a ton, it is off of a ‘small’ plate. (Or a normal plate if you share my mindset on the idea!)

Dinner was fantastic. The salad was extremely fresh and all of the vegetables (including the snow peas) worked really well together. For a topping I decided stick to the simple side, and used just a balsamic vinegar. Obviously nothing was needed to go with the mac and cheese. It was sort of perfect. It really hit the spot.

I was going to make oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies this afternoon to go with the other foods, but I did not get around to it. Now I really wish I had, because I would love to nibble on one. Alas, baking for another day!

Tonight I am sitting back with my dinner and computer while watching one of my favorite movies… Julie & Julia.

See you tomorrow…


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