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A busy day so far

I am back. I did go out for my first run since June. More importantly, I survived. It was not really fun, I must say. I did just over two miles (2.1) at varying tempos – anywhere pacing between 9:30 minutes per mile to 14:00 minutes per mile. At 1.35 miles my knee started to ache, so I slowed down and did some power walking. I did get up to a jog again before the outing was over. Luckily I am not in pain at the moment (thanks to two ibuprofen and icing after the run).

I brought my water with me on the run. After stretching and re-hydrating (again) I enjoyed a fruit leather from Trader Joe’s on my way to the bank.


After the bank I walked to my neighborhood Starbucks where I ordered a ‘tall’ light Frappuccino (only 90 calories?? It can’t be good for me!) but I really enjoyed the drink (or should I say treat?) while I read my book:


After getting home from the “run” (I’ll have to start calling my outings something else for the time being – a mix between jogging and power walking perhaps?) and the errands, I made sure to ice my knee:


Once I was finished with the ice, I threw in a load of laundry, ran another few errands and eventually settled down for lunch at around 2 o’clock. By this point I was really hungry. I decided on a meal of leftovers. Roasted vegetables and (of course) more macaroni and cheese with tomato and basil.



Along with this lunch plate, I had a glass of soy milk. I have got to figure out something for dinner that helps me get a bit more protein into my diet today. Perhaps a protein shake is in my near future. I hope you are all having a great Friday afternoon!


One thought on “A busy day so far

  1. Glad you are back to running. Hopefully your knee will like it! Yes, I wish you had more time off, too. You work very hard at work. Your food looks delicious!

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