Dinner · Workout

Gym + Dinner

I survived the entire day without having one piece of candy. (I feel sort of pathetic being proud at this moment – but whatever!) Not only did I not consume processed sugars, I made it to the gym. I did 32 minutes on the elliptical machine – an interval workout.

I don’t think I have mentioned that I now have an e-reader. A while back I bought a Nook on the recommendation of a few of my friends. I love it. It makes my work bag lighter, my train commutes seem faster, and my gym time feel more productive. For the full 32 minutes I was on the elliptical, I read my Nook. I love that you can adjust the font – I have a hard time reading traditional books on elliptical machines – but with the Nook I can adjust the font to be rather large, and it makes it so much easier to read.

The only reason I made it to exercise was because I had a Larabar in my gym bag. I nibbled on it and had about half of it on my way home from work:



Even after my afternoon snack, I was starving after my workout. I showered quickly after, and started ‘throwing together’ an interesting dinner. I popped a veggie burger into the microwave, made an egg, and toasted two pieces of toast with cheese. Here is the end result:


It was a great dinner. Now I am sipping on some skim milk and watching last night’s episode of Parenthood. Hope you are all having a great night. See you tomorrow!


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