Butternut Squash Soup Part 2

I let the soup cook on low for 45 minutes…


While the soup was cooking I cleaned up the first part of my soup preparation. Once everything was washed and dried, I set up my mom’s food processor. (I was not about to get mine out of the attic even though I am partial to using my own.)

I carefully scooped the hot mixture into the food processor:


The key to this part of making a soup is to make sure you do not fill your food processor too high with the hot vegetables and stock. Seriously – be careful!

The aroma was amazing as I was transferring:



When you are ready to start your food processor, a clean kitchen towel comes in handy. Cover the top of your food processor with the towel – another precaution so you do not burn yourself.


It took three batches to get everything puréed. Once everything was processed, we had a Le Crueset filled with soup:


I have had a few tastes, and it is soooo good. It has been seasoned with freshly ground pepper and a small amount of kosher salt. When using a pre-made (store bought) stock, you should be careful about your seasoning and use of salt. Normal stock is extremely high in sodium. I always use a reduced sodium stock, and for my liquid amounts, I use half stock and half water. I always taste before I season – this is crucial.

Well, dinner is ready and it is snowing to beat the band outside. I am so happy to have a homemade soup for dinner tonight!


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