Good Food Can Be Simple…

…it is as simple as that. For lunch I wanted something warm and filling, so I decided on a sort of omelette with a lot of fresh vegetables. I diced up some onion, scallions, tomato, and tossed in some spinach.


First I melted a little butter in a pan, added the onion and scallion and let it sauté for about a minute. Then I added one big handful of spinach (I should have added more – remember spinach cooks down a lot). Once the spinach started to cook, I added the egg mixture (it was one full egg, one egg white, a small pinch of salt, freshly ground pepper and a dash of chili powder!) and the tomatoes at the same time. Everything cooked for just a minute or two. I added some shredded low fat mozzarella towards the end of the cooking time.

The end product was sooo good:


I only added a little bit of hot sauce on top and a piece of rustic bread on the side. This morning I took out a small container of pesto that I made over the summer, I have left over pasta from last night and I think the pesto and pasta will be dinner for tonight. It’s perfect because I will not have to cook as I will most likely be busy making the sugar cookie dough and possibly starting my mom’s french onion soup tonight. I foresee a lot of time in the kitchen this evening!


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