Cookies and Onion Soup…

What a combination, right? Last night I made the dough for the sugar cookies. Here is a pointer – once you are done making the dough, roll it into a ball before you chill it – because other wise you are stuck scraping the mixing bowl for chilled dough. It’s not that much fun, and it is sort of hard work:


Eventually I got the cookies started…


They baked, they cooled:


and they were piled up on plates:


I made a lot. I am going to count how many when I am packing them up for tomorrow. I will let you know the grand total.


And one last cookie was baked at my mom’s insistence:


I was so relieved that someone else (my mom) thought about lunch. She started making her famous French onion soup this morning, and I was left loving the aroma of sautéing onion in the house. It was lovely. I think there is nothing like the smell of sautéing onions. I adore onions. Just in case you were wondering.

My soup was amazing, and I ate it quickly… but I savored it somehow 🙂


I cannot wait to have more later tonight! The recipe is from one of my mom’s Gourmet magazines from the 1970s. I will find the recipe later and post it. It is amazing, and you should all make it – unless you are not a fan of onions. But maybe even if you are not, this might convert you!


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