Dinner · Lunch

This morning…

was sort of like an epic fail. I was so tired this morning when my alarm went off at 6am. I knew I would be… so I decided to sleep until 6:30 and take the 7:20 train into work. All was going well, I got up right at 6:30 when my alarm went off. Had my bathroom time, got dressed, got pretty, packed my lunch, I had plenty of time. Then I looked down at the post-it where I had written the two times of the trains I like to take in the morning. 6:42 and 7:12!? WHAT!? In my head this train was at 7:20 and I was working around that time – where the heck did 7:12 come from??

I started to panic. I threw on my North Face and begged my mom to get in the car with me. I did not think i would have time to pay for parking, walk over the bridge to the farthest landing and make the train – and this was the last train of the morning that could get me to work remotely on time. I was trying to remain calm. Thankfully my mom agreed to ride with me to the station, and drive my car home…. she is the best mom!

Soo… we got to the train station and it was deserted. What the heck was going on. I could not understand. I got out of the car, walked over the bridge to the far side, where I waited twenty five minutes for the train to arrive. I had written the time down incorrectly. I was so displeased. But now I have a pretty good feeling that I will remember the time of the train.

I arrived at my office at 8:45. I had a medium ABP coffee in hand, which I enjoyed. Of course I was not hungry for breakfast. Things were super busy all morning and afternoon – once I was hungry for breakfast, I didn’t have time to stop. I literally threw a handful of Kashi and raisins in my mouth and chewed – and kept working. No time to grab my yogurt from the refrigerator.

Lunch was at 12:45 – I was starving. I packed a salad, a whole wheat wrap and a teaspoon of dijon mustard for a veggie sandwich:


I thought it was so pretty! I would have thrown in the Boar’s Head turkey if I had remembered. The wrap could have used some more protein… thankfully I had half a cup of Stoneyfield yogurt that I did not have time to eat at breakfast. Life savor!

A couple of hours later I had my trail mix again – almonds, cranberries and a few semi-sweet chocolate chips. This is a great afternoon snack. I did not need anything else until dinner time.

Mom was on the ball today – she went to Whole Foods and picked up slices of roast turkey and some amazing pumpkin risotto! What a wonderful dinner. I enjoyed it with a glass of Shiraz.


I have to tell you: three days of busy work days has made me slightly exhausted! I am actually almost glad to have doctor appointments tomorrow because I get to sleep in a little bit.

I hope you are all having a great Wednesday. If you are at home – watch ThrowDown with Bobby Flay tonight at 8:30 on the Food Network. My friend Eunice (from my favorite bakery in Newton: Bread and Chocolate) is going to be on – she’s going to make Boston Cream Pies. I cannot wait to watch her! Go Eunice!!!


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