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Last night I made dinner for my friends, and their son Henri (who is 17 months old). I went with the new pasta dish I made a couple of weeks ago. I love this meal because you can really put any sort of vegetable you want in it…

For this go around I used one whole onion, two good sized garlic cloves, fennel, mushrooms, two small zucchini, two carrots and a small yellow squash. And five slices of bacon cut up into small pieces – that is where the awesome flavor comes from!

I had a fun time cooking at Tim & Nicole’s stove. I like cooking at their house, because I know where everything is in their kitchen 🙂


The final product was a big hit…


Tim was in charge of plating – I thought it was beautiful!

Henri even enjoyed our dinner – he kept saying “Mmmm!” as he was eating with his fork (I was so impressed).



My mom and my friend Danielle both ended up having this pasta for lunch today. Rave reviews all over – see my previous post about this dish to get the recipe. Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have a great productive and relaxing weekend.


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