Hyde Park…

I had some pretty amazing pancakes yesterday. Before we set off on an epic road trip down to Hyde Park, AFM, TEA and I stopped at Duncan’s Dairy Bar for breakfast.

I love going out for breakfast. I love it almost more than having any other meal out. Is that weird? I don’t know. It might be. The problem with going out to breakfast is that I have such a hard time making up my mind. I am pretty sure that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day – but it is the meal that I almost always have on the road, or eat at my desk at work. So I never get real breakfast food. So when I go out for breakfast it is really special for me.  AFM and I went out to breakfast on Saturday, my first full day of vacation. That day I ordered two eggs over medium, whole wheat toast, hash browns and bacon. For some reason I did not take a photo of this amazing meal. I ate every bite. It was awesome.

Yesterday I switched it up a bit. I ordered pancakes. No fruit. No chocolate chips. Just straight up amazing pancakes. These things were hands down some of the best pancakes I have had. I loved every bite of them. (But I did not finish my plate – three pancakes is a lot of food!)

They were so pretty:

Most of the time when I order pancakes at a diner or a breakfast place, I always feel like I should have ordered eggs.  AFM ordered poached eggs, rye toast, bacon and home fries and his plate looked fantastic.  Thankfully because I knew we would be going out to breakfast again at least one more time during vacation, I was able to enjoy these fabulous pancakes and not feel like I should have ordered something else.

TEA ordered a great looking waffle with a scoop of ice cream on top. He definitely enjoyed it 🙂  When we left, our waitress gave TEA a brown bag to take with him – she definitely thought he was a great person (which he is, of course).  TEA opened the bag when we got back into the car and found a blueberry muffin and lollipops! Great things for a road trip – they came in handy much later in the afternoon when we were heading home from Hyde Park.

One of the few things I wanted to do on my vacation was go down to Hyde Park to see the FDR Presidential Library & Museum and birthplace. Irene was definitely threatening our plans. Because of damage from the hurricane parts of the major highways, and other roads down to Hyde Park had been closed during most of this week. We definitely saw why on our drive down – we saw some amazing damage and could see where an entire road had been washed out. The road crews and emergency service people have been working so hard to get things back up and running, and they are doing a wonderful job.  Of course there is still a lot of work to be done – the recovery is going to take a lot of time.  But today we were finally able to get in the car and drive south.

The grounds of FDR’s home and museum were quite something. There is construction going on in the museum area, but we still had quite an experience. I love both FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt. They are two of my heroes. I got my love on with President Roosevelt at one point during our time there…

After our day at Hyde Park, we drove back upstate and took TEA to play mini-golf which was a lot of fun and then we went out for dinner because no one wanted to cook. Thankfully we went to a place that had some great pizza – this made TEA very happy. (I was happy too, because I love pizza. It’s a bit of a problem for me.)

All in all it was quite a great day. I was glad that TEA got to experience Hyde Park and learn a bit about the Roosevelts… and then play mini-golf and have pizza for dinner.


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