In case you haven’t figured it out yet – weekend mornings are super special to me. During the week days I wake up at 5:30 and do my best to get out of the house by 6AM for my commute to work. I am not a morning person, so I do not enjoy most mornings Monday through Friday.

But I love mornings, normally. I live for Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Last night I fell asleep reading (the second night in a row) and woke up at 4am… the tv was still on in the background (when I am feeling alone I tend to have the news on in the background – I like hearing Anderson Cooper talk while I’m in the house alone, I guess) and I still had my reading glasses on. The light was still burning on the nightstand. Quickly I turned off the tv, the reading light and put my nook away. I fell asleep again and did not wake up until 8:30 this morning.

I went downstairs, threw in a load of laundry and put on the coffee. I put on my reading glasses and powered up my nook again. Knowing that the only thing I have on the schedule today was at 6pm was a nice thought. I turned on MSNBC, started my book and eventually got a mug of coffee and a glass of water. The only things that would have made the morning better would be if AFM was watching MSNBC with me, and if this weather was less oppressive. (It is hot, humid and 100% disgusting this morning. I miss autumn weather!!! I hope it comes back soon…)

It took me two hours to decide what to have for breakfast. The gross weather threw my breakfast plans for a loop. On the weekends I love making breakfast special because it is the only time I do not have to have a breakfast that will travel well. Usually I either drink my breakfast in the car (a smoothie) or eat something at my desk (a piece of toast with peanut butter and / or a Greek yogurt). Saturday and Sunday, I like to make something sort of special.

Of course I totally had a game plan for breakfast in my head when I went to sleep last night. Stove top oatmeal. I even bought raisins at the market last night in anticipation of the return of autumn and oats.

I woke up knowing this was not going to happen. It is in the mid 70s right now and it is sticky. Absolutely the wrong weather for a lovely bowl of oatmeal. 😦

I went back to the drawing board. Thankfully I picked up a few other things last night at the market that could help me create a special breakfast. Last night I decided to pick up a package of Bagel Thins. A few of my friends have tried these. A couple of them liked the bagel thins and one of my friends hated them. I am a huge fan of good bagels. Like H & H bagels. (Oh my goodness – I would love an H & H bagel right now, it has been way too long…) Most of the time I think if I’m going to have a bagel, it should be an awesome bagel. But I picked these up anyway.


I like that these babies are whole wheat, only 110 calories and they have six grams of protein in one bagel thin.

AFM is the egg guy in our relationship (well, he’s the only guy in our relationship – but in the kitchen he is in charge of the eggs because he does such a great job with them). Unfortunately, since I am on my own this weekend, I decided to cook an egg. As I was doing this I was reminded (yet again) why he is the egg guy. (I’m the coffee cake gal, in case you were wondering…)

But anyway. I ended up making a pretty good egg sandwich:


Here’s what went into this sandwich:

1 egg (8 grams of protein)

1 bagel thin (6 grams of protein)

A sprinkle of Cabot 50% reduced fat cheddar cheese

Two small tomatoes (aren’t they pretty??)

A splash or two of Mike’s hot sauce

It came together pretty well, even though the egg looks like a total disaster. 🙂 The final product:


It was really good. My original plan was just to toast the bagel thin and have it with peanut butter. But that seemed too much like something I could have during the work week. I am glad I got a little more creative!

On the agenda today? Shopping. I need pants and tops now that summer is almost (?) over. Workout. Last night I finally got back to the gym after not feeling all that well this past week. I did 35 minutes on the elliptical, went 3.3 miles and burned 300 calories. It was hard. I did intervals, going from 8 resistance up to 10 – 11 resistance. I read my nook during the workout – the only thing that got me through.

Tonight we have a family birthday celebration. I know the food will be amazing, so I will report on that tomorrow.

Alright. Enjoy your Saturday, bloggies! Put on your wellies and stay dry if you live in the Northeast. It’s going to be another rainy day, I guess.


2 thoughts on “Relaxing

  1. It’s good to have a talent in the kitchen- I’m the egg girl and my husband is the pancake guy! It works out quite well 🙂 Your sandwich looks delicious, thanks for using Cabot cheese!

  2. Jacquelyn: I *love* Cabot cheese and yogurts! I always go out of my way to get Cabot dairy products when I see them. AMF is definitely the egg guy, but we are both decent when it comes to pancakes. We made some great pumpkin pancakes the other day… 🙂

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