A Tree

There is a tree in our living room. It is sort of huge. We had to take a bit off the top. Twice.

Image 9.jpg

It really did not look that gigantic when we found it at the garden shop down the street. It looked perfect! It looked just a little taller than me, and I fit in the living room without a problem at all.

Image 10.jpg

We got it on the car without a problem.

Image 4.jpg

My mom and I moved it from the car into the garage without a problem. But it has sort of taken over the living room – in a great way! Tonight we decorated the tree, and it looks wonderful, and festive:

Image 6.jpg

It was a snowy day, and I skipped the gym because I wanted to be off the snowy and icy roads. So, I opted to relax and decorate the tree. My living room is a great place to be in during a snow storm, I must say:

Image 8.jpg


We enjoyed eggnog with nutmeg after we were done decorating:

Image 7.jpg

More later – but I’m off to snuggle up under a blanket with a good book. Happy snowy, winter day, blog readers!


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