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Thursday Frustrations

You always hear that losing weight the healthy way is a slow slog a lot of times. Especially when you are trying to lose a smaller amount of weight. That is what people always tell me.

That is also what I always tell people who ask me my opinion. Become more active, change your eating habits, eat whole foods and less processed foods, plan your days when you can and eat healthy snacks. Drink lots of water. All of that stuff is true.

Thursday mornings are my weigh in days. I weighed in this morning and kind of wanted to throw the scale out the window. I lost .2 pounds in a week of eating well and feeling like I was depriving myself sometimes. (In my book it is perfectly fine to ‘deprive myself’ of cookies, Chez Its and other junk food because my body certainly does not need such processed foods.)

I was so frustrated. But I did not have time to stew about it (after about thirty seconds of stewing). I had to get my day underway.

I got to work and had my usual oatmeal. Today I upped the blueberries to half a cup (I think on the other mornings it’s been a little less than that) because I finished off my pint of berries this morning. (There is never enough for Friday!) and a heaping tablespoon of all natural peanut butter. (Read: just over a true tablespoon – yum!) I faithfully tracked my breakfast into My FItness Pal.

At lunch I went for a walk. It was cloudy and a little foggy, but it was warm – 45 degrees on January 16. Not bad!

Last night I was exhausted and I did not make my wrap. This morning I threw all of the ingredients into my lunch bag and put together my wrap at work. Sometimes you just have to do what you need to do, right?

Assembly line:

Image 4.jpg

Final product:

Image 6.jpg

I just love these wraps! I hope I never get sick of them… but I feel like I might have to try something different next week. In addition to my wrap I had a small bag of pop chips (I needed something crunchy and that felt like a treat today!) and an hour after I finished the first phase of lunch, I went on to phase two. A pear, and a handful of these:

Image 5.jpg

These lovely things are from my second Nature Box. They are citrus chipotle chickpeas. I was not sure what I would think of these roasted chickpeas, but I love them. They are such a unique snack. They are such a treat when I need an afternoon pick me up! I also had a big mug of green tea.

After work I met one of my best friends from college in Brookline. I walked around Coolidge Corner for a while before we met up for dinner, and popped into some of my favorite stores from when I lived in the area. There are definitely days that I miss living in the city! But I never miss the parking hassles.

For dinner I ordered a cobb salad sans the blu cheese. It was delicious. I also snacked on a few of the deli’s famous bagel chips which are always wonderful. My salad was really satisfying. I felt pretty healthy eating the mixed greens with a nice dose of protein from the egg and turkey – and I just love bacon and avocado on salad. Yum!!

Image 7.jpg

The second night I have eaten dinner out this week, and it is the second salad I have ordered and enjoyed. If I don’t see a salad for a couple of days I will be happy. Although I was frustrated this morning during my weigh in, I know that I just have to keep plugging along and keep at it. It always takes your body a couple of weeks to realize that you are making changes. I just hope I can keep going long enough to see progress and not throw in the towel in frustration!

Well, it is 9:40 PM and I definitely feel like tomorrow should be Saturday – alas, it is not. So I am heading for bed. See you soon!


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