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Why hello there, happy Thursday evening everyone. It is really cold here, again. Last week we had some nice weather, and then Tuesday night the snow moved in and when it finally moved out on Wednesday afternoon, the frigid air moved in again. (Noticing a pattern, anyone?)

Apparently my body (and possibly my mind) wants to hibernate. I am freezing. I am tired. I am also a bit cranky. Feeling this way has made eating healthy a little harder today and yesterday. But I did my best.

I started the day with oatmeal, peanut butter and blueberries (again):

Image 4.jpg

This really has been a great breakfast lately. I love eating something warm, especially when I am feeling so cold. I did not use all of the blueberries in my oatmeal today, so I snacked on them throughout the morning. At 10:30 I took a green tea break, and I had a blueberry nom nom from my Nature Box.

Before I knew it lunch time had arrived. I ate the last of the Santa Fe Crock pot Chicken for lunch today:

Image 12.jpg

I really loved this dish. I topped it with fresh cilantro & scallions and dashes of hot sauce. While I enjoyed this dish, after eating it for four days I was ready to move on to another recipe 🙂 I sure was thankful for something healthy and already prepared for lunch today!

I also had a light babybel cheese and 6 wheat thin crackers to go with the chicken dish. In the afternoon I felt like I was a zombie, so I had a second mug of coffee – which is pretty unusual for me. I hardly ever have coffee in the afternoon.

On my way home from work, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up the two ingredients I needed for tonight’s dinner. Milk and mushrooms. (You know it’s going to be good when those two things are going into dinner!) I really needed something good for dinner tonight as my body was slowly going into hibernation. I am so thankful that I am going through this latest “getting back on track” phase of my eating habits with amazing friends and a fantastic support system (because you can’t do it all alone – or at least it is a lot easier to do it with the encouragement of others!). Last night one of my good friends told me about one of her favorite recipes and I just knew I had to make it as soon as possible.

Thanks, again, to Skinny Taste I present tonight’s dinner:

Image 18.jpg

Skinny Tuna Noodle Casserole. Holy goodness! This is just spectacular. I will be honest – tuna noodle casserole is not the most attractive sounding thing in the world (or is it just me?). But it is so good. My friend was saying that sometimes she just had to eat something warm and decadent – and if you are trying to still be healthy, this is a recipe to turn to during the depths of January and February. I know I will be making this recipe again before the winter is over!

Click here to find the SkinnyTaste recipe. Make it. Tonight. I honestly do not think you will regret it! Just take the one piece of advice that I am so glad I did not ignore. Do not leave out the sherry. It makes the dish!

I had a hard time getting to work this morning and getting home tonight. Lots of traffic snarls (oh, just your average car fire at 6am this morning). I was not really in the mood for cooking tonight – but I thought it might help me feel better, since I was feeling so miserable most of the day. I had portobello mushrooms instead of baby bella mushrooms. It did not matter. It was still great. I cleaned the ‘scales’ off of my mushrooms and thinly sliced them. I had regular frozen peas, not petite, but it was all good. I had to open a new container of flour, and it really did not want to open. Now there is a hole in the bag of flower – but we fixed it right up. The peas didn’t want to open either, for that matter. But it was ok because I had my chef’s knife – and I used it. My butter was frozen, because I hardly ever use butter these days – but at least I had butter in the freezer.

Image 11.jpg

I was worried I was going to burn my roux. But some how I didn’t. I was about to over cook my noodles (because you want them a bit underdone – that is a must!) but I caught them just in time and saved them:

Image 10.jpg

Somehow everything came together. Here it is before cooking for 25 minutes:

Image 13.jpg

Topped with panko bread crumbs, because they are my favorite and that is what I had on hand. After just a little while in the oven this amazingness came out and dinner was finished:

Image 14.jpg

Oh my.

It might be snowing:

Image 17.jpg

There might be crazy icicles hanging off my windows at work:

Image 15.jpg

But at least I am eating this for dinner:

Image 18.jpg

Healthy comfort food doesn’t get better. With that, I must sign off so I can go to bed and hibernate. See you soon!


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