I had a lot to do on Saturday. But for some reason I thought it would be the perfect time to do some baking. Sure, it was almost ninety degrees outside. Sure I was running around the city like a crazy person trying to get so many things done before a late afternoon cookout. But why not tackle a Bon Appétit recipe that basically called for TWO mixers in the same recipe!? Why. Not.

I was going to be at a cookout with someone who is allergic to chocolate and I was asked to bring a dessert. I immediately thought about making blondies. I found a great starter recipe from Bon Appétit – click here to find their original recipe. I hope you like butter! Try to not be afraid of the recipe. It sounds hardcore – and it is. But – trust me – it is really worth it.

The two mixer thing was intense – I’m not going to lie. The brown butter sauce is totally worth this crazy effort. My kitchen was really warm while all of this was happening. Worth. It.

I made a few changes to the recipe. Most people that were going to be at the cookout were not fans of nuts in baked goods (I’m ok with that!) so I opted to leave the pecans out. I added peanut butter chips and toasted coconut flakes in one pan of the blondies. In another pan of the blondies I kept the first two ingredients and added a half cup of dark chocolate chips. These blondies were serious.

My sister and I decided that we just had to try one of the ewwy gooey blondies before we took them to the cookout. I mean it wouldn’t be right to share them with others if we didn’t know if they were any good – would it? We split one. I could not believe how amazing, rich, decadent and heavenly they were. My sister agreed.

We had to leave the kitchen so we did not eat more. We left the blondies to cool in peace. Eventually they were ready to be packed up and taken to the cookout.

They were a big hit!

Go ahead. Take an hour to make these beauties. You’ll be a really big hit at your next cookout – or wherever you bring them!


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