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Rosemary Brick Chicken

A week ago I had an overwhelming craving to make something I had never tried before – brick chicken. One of my favorite restaurants used to have a lavender brick chicken on their menu and I loved it. It was full of flavor, the chicken always had an amazingly crisp skin and the whole meal was just wonderful.

I had always wanted to try brick chicken and recently I have been so sick of eating plain old chicken breast. Ugh. For a while I felt like I couldn’t take another bite of chicken for a couple of weeks.

After work I swung by Home Depot to pick up a couple of new bricks! I figured if you’re going to cook with bricks – it’s definitely worth it to pick up a new one. (I bought two for 55 cents a piece! It is about the cheapest cooking equipment I have ever bought in my life.

I also popped into the market to pick up some chicken thighs on the bone (with skin

of course). When I got home with my bricks and chicken I got to work. I wrapped my new bricks in aluminum foil:

I took the chicken out, salted it and placed it on a plate. I pushed rosemary sprigs into the chicken skin (side note: I have a rosemary plant growing now – so I’m saving a lot of money on rosemary!)

I put the chicken back in the refrigerator for twenty minutes. After twenty minutes was up, I started to heat some olive oil in my pan. I took the chicken thighs out, dried them with a paper towel (chicken won’t crips up if you put it in your pan wet – and no one wants to eat non-crispy chicken.)

Once the oil was hot, I gently placed the chicken thighs in the pan – skin side down. I put the bricks on top of the chicken to flatten them out. After ten minutes I checked the chicken, to make sure the pieces was browning and prayed that they weren’t sticking to the pan. It was definitely a little touch and go – but that is why you have to practice making brick chicken (so you can get a technique down to not let your chicken stick to the bottom of your pan). It was coming together nicely – after fifteen minutes I flipped the chicken thighs:

I cooked everything for about ten more minutes. After the chicken thighs were done cooking, I took them out of the pan, transferred all of the liquid to a sauce pan and started making my au jus. I heated the liquid up (which is olive oil and chicken juices) added half a cup of white wine, and the juice of a lemon. I added salt and pepper. I continued to heat the au jus to reduce it just a bit, stirring it frequently. After about five minutes I was happy with the consistency – I poured it into a small bowl and served it on the side of the chicken.

I made a quick salad of greens and fresh vegetables to go with the chicken. If I had thought of it I would have cooked up some polenta to go with this dinner too – next time! The final product was really wonderful – but I think next time I might do chicken breast instead of thighs. I can’t wait to make this again!

If you are getting sick of eating plain old chicken breast at dinner, too – take my word for it. Give this method of cooking a try. It really develops flavor and having the au jus on the side is just the best treat ever! Well worth it and it is pretty simple to make.

A perfect week night dinner!


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