Work, walking, running & food

The title of this blog post about sums up my day. I got up at 5:20 AM. I drove to work, I worked all day, I got out for a quick walk at lunch (it was almost fifty degrees in Boston today which is downright amazing!!!), went back to work, ended work, went for a run, went to the grocery store, drove home, made dinner, showered, and finally ate dinner at 8pm.

For breakfast I had another one of my incredible (now frozen) egg sandwiches. I love these things!! I’m sad that I only have two left from my original batch, I’m not looking forward to making more – but I enjoy eating them so much. I love starting my day off with a great dose of protein – it keeps my hunger bay until lunch.

After my brief walk (it was warm but really windy) I enjoyed quite a wonderful dinner. I must say a couple of my colleagues were pretty jealous over this beautiful plate – and I also must say that that I was pretty spoiled. On Monday night I was literally trying to hold my eye lids open at 9:15 pm so that I could finish an episode of Making a Murderer when SC told me to go to bed. I was exhausted (and had 17,500 fitbit steps to show for it!) While I was sleeping SC made and packed my lunch. The end result was nothing short of spectacular:

Grilled chicken over arugula, with raspberries and some of the most amazing strawberries I have tasted in years (I am not kidding!). On the side a small piece of seven grain sourdough bread with organic peanut butter.

We celebrated an office birthday today – and I definitely had a piece. Because I haven’t been eating processed sugar much at all lately, the frosting seemed so sweet. But I ate it. And I am sure it helped fuel the run I got under my belt a couple of hours later. (Right!?)

After dropping my running buddy off at the T (and I can’t say enough about my running friend – I would be lost and a lot less motivated without her!!! ❤ ) I popped into Star Market to do some power grocery shopping. I knew exactly what I was making for dinner – Mark Bittman’s Pasta e Fagioli, one of my all time favorite soups.

I finally got home at 6:45 pm and went right into the kitchen to start dinner. After getting everything cooking and serving my mom a bowl of soup, I took a shower. I finally sat down to my own soup at 8pm. It had been a long day – but let me tell you, the soup tasted so good.

It turned out I put a little too much pasta in the soup – but what can you do? I guess there are worse things in the world than too much pasta in your soup. The fresh parsley really makes this soup!

With all of that under my belt today, I’m signing off and heading for bed. Until next time, blog readers!


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