Breakfast · Lunch


Hi All!

Here is a really quick post because I feel like I have not entered anything in the last couple of days!

Wednesday’s food as been “not much” but here it is:

for breakfast I had one banana and one cup of coffee with 1% milk added to it.

Have I told you all my trick about drinking coffee with milk? Usually I will purchase a small container of whole milk at the beginning of the week which I use with my coffee in the morning. When I don’t have a chance (or do not remember, which is usually the case!) I will add my skim or 1% milk into my mug before adding the coffee. Once again – before adding the coffee, I will put the milk in the microwave for 15 seconds. This warms up the milk so your coffee is not luke warm when you take your first sip. It helps a lot when you like to add a few tablespoons of milk and do not want your coffee to be cold!

For lunch I had two pieces of pizza and a clementine. Ben ordered pizza for dinner last night and I was lucky enough to find a couple of pieces in the refrigerator this morning to bring for lunch! One piece was green pepper and the other was pepperoni. A good combo!  The clementine really hit the spot after the pizza.

Today is our office cookie swap. I have made oatmeal / banana cookies with raisins and chocolate chips added in. I will be doing a post on the recipe I created later tonight.

Ok, I am off for now. See you all later! Have a great day!


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