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Tuesday’s re-cap

Hi All-

Sorry for not posting yesterday – but here is a recap.

I started the day off with cold cereal which kept me going until well past my normal lunch time (shocking)! This was probably because the cereal was Kashi Vive which is a good source of fiber and the protein from the milk was a perfect mix to keep me going for a while.  (For those of you who are Vive experts – there are a few honey nut Cheerios sprinkled in there as well!)


I used part of my lunch time to take a walk with some colleagues. We walked for 27 minutes and I burned 126 calories according to the heart monitor. Not bad!

For lunch I had another meal of left overs… this time instead of the pasta bake, I just took some of the left over plain pasta and added some TJ’s tomato sauce.  It was good and it was nice to have some carbs after the walk… to add more protein to the meal, I enjoyed my vanilla Chobani with a sprinkle of TJ fiber cereal on top.










In the afternoon we had a retirement party at work. I loved the food that was served – an amazing assortment of veggies! I had carrots, red and yellow peppers, celery, and cucumber sticks along with two crackers and a piece of french bread. Fantastic! (I went back for seconds on the veggies) There were dips and cheese available – but I stuck with the veggies and crackers.  I also enjoyed a small piece of cake later. 

I worked until after 5pm yesterday, which got my gym time off to a later start. I went home first, to see if Ben was going to come with me – but he had work things to do, so I went by myself. I did 35 minutes on the elliptical machine and burned 307 calories. I wanted to do weight training after the cardio, but the gym was packed and I was hungry (and it was 7:30 by then) – so I went to Trader Joe’s to pick up some things for dinner, and then home to put everything together.

For dinner I made a Morning Star veggie burger, and put it in a wrap along with lettuce, garlic hummus, and a little bit of mustard to spice up the show! Unfortunately, our TJ’s was running low on fresh produce and I did not feel like stopping at another store before heading home. But I think the veggies I had this afternoon, along with the lettuce I put in the wrap will give me enough servings for the day!  Here is what dinner looked like:


Along with the wrap I had a Stoneyfield “Lots of Lemon” yogurt:


I enjoyed dinner while watching the first episode of The Biggest Loser.  I was glad that I had gone to the gym before watching the show!  😉

I am happy to say that I feel like my meals today were more “on track” than the last few days have been.  At first  I was a little stressed out about how I had been eating over the holidays and around my birthday – but I am no longer worried about it.  It feels good to be back on track!

I will post tonight with a recap of today’s happenings.  See you tonight!


3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s re-cap

  1. Hi Heather!

    What type of milk do you use? 1% or non fat?

    Also, do you ever use agave nectar drizzle on cereal, toast or in your coffee? I luv that stuff.


  2. Hi! I tend to buy 1% milk because I think it tastes a bit more like milk, and because I use it in my coffee – and it goes a lot farther than skim 🙂 I usually drink more soy milk than I have been lately, and will be making the swtich back over probably this weekend.

    As for Agave – I love the stuff! I put it in tea, sometimes in coffee and in other things too. Actually, this weekend I created a new drink which I really like a lot – plain seltzer mixed with a teaspoon of Agave! YUM!

  3. Hey Heather! I love veggie burger wraps!! They serve them at the cafeteria/cafe at work and it is my favorite lunch! You inspired me to make them myself at home. : )

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