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Hey All –

Well, it was a snowy, stormy, icy, and rainy day here in Boston!  Ben and I both had delays at work this morning. I took the opportunity to sleep in…. and Ben totally surprised me with breakfast in bed! Can you believe it? It was fantastic – especially because I had mentioned before that it was one thing I wanted for my birthday – but with the house guests we’ve had recently – it just never happened. Wow, was I surprised to wake up this morning to coffee, juice and oatmeal!  It was fantastic and was so perfect for a wintery morning!

Obviously the oatmeal kept me full for a long time this morning – and I was fine until lunch time came around.

For lunch I packed a can of Amy’s veggie and barley soup, a piece of Great Harvest bread and a fat free Jello pudding! At lunch I measured out one cup of Amy’s soup and warmed that up in the microwave in the bowl that I keep at the office. I put the remaining soup in a pyrex traveling container and then recycled the can. 🙂

I seasoned the soup with a packed of pepper, that really added even more nice flavor!  I love Amy’s soups. I just wish that soup was not so high in sodium. I don’t know about you guys – but I HATE sodium – and it is in so many things! But more on that later (as in, I will devote an entire post on sodium sometime soon).
Here is what lunch looked like:

After lunch I had my adora disk for my calcium… and I was set until 3:15 when I had my Chobani yogurt – today I had the strawberry kind.

I left work at 5pm and had to stop at Whole Foods on the way home and do a couple of other errands.  I was ready for dinner when I got home – but I had planned to do an hour of yoga first… so I made a quick snack of a piece of bread, banana and a tablespoon of Barney Butter… the snack was perfect!

Before I settled down to do yoga, I picked up around the house and did a few lingering dishes (what we would not give for a dishwasher!!) After getting all of this squared away, I was ready to concentrate on yoga, breathing and relaxing.

The gym had been really stressing me out this week for some reason. I think it was a combination of a few things – number one it is so crowded with everyone going back in conjunction with their New Year’s Resolutions.  I had also been bothered by my heart monitor, which had started to freak me out. So today I decided to have a day away from the gym and concentrate on relaxation. I had a great hour of yoga at home, in the living room 🙂

It was after 8 by the time I got around to eating dinner. I made a wrap with chicken, brown rice, lettuce, yellow and orange peppers, salsa and fat free sour cream. It was really good (and kind of pretty)! I could have had two… but instead I had a some extra pepper slices, and in a little while I will have a snack of grapes.

Here is what dinner looked like:

I think that about covers it for the day! I hope you all had a great day, too. See you tomorrow!


One thought on “Wednesday

  1. Yum!

    Question of the day: Why does Nlo, who is half Mexican, hate peppers so?

    Answer: no one knows, but it sure doesn’t make sense and her answer is lame.

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