Quick Post – read this article!

Hi Everyone –

I will blog more on this later today – but I wanted to quickly share a link with you this morning:

State Readies Campaign to Curb Obesity Epidemic: Restaurants and Schools Targeted

I think this is such exciting news!  I think it will really help a lot of people that live in Boston because I think a lot of folks eat at fast food places because they can get food quickly…. many have no idea how many calories they are consuming!

On the other hand, some people do know that eating at these places can cause you to consume a lot of calories – but do not always know what the best choice to make at a fast food place is. Posting calorie and nutritional information will go a long way in making eating easier and hopefully healthier.

I will go into greater detail later – but I thought this was important to share with everyone – especially the Boston area readers! 

Catch ya’ll later!


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