Dinner @ KFC!?

Hey Guys! I wish I had a healthier dinner to report for you – but tonight we had a busy evening with errands, etc. and during our running around we thought about stopping at a restaurant for dinner… but we didn’t. So, when we got back to our place, well after 7 o’clock this evening,…… Continue reading Dinner @ KFC!?


Quick Post – read this article!

Hi Everyone – I will blog more on this later today – but I wanted to quickly share a link with you this morning: State Readies Campaign to Curb Obesity Epidemic: Restaurants and Schools Targeted http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2009/01/08/state_readies_campaign_to_curb_obesity_epidemic/?page=1 I think this is such exciting news!  I think it will really help a lot of people that live…… Continue reading Quick Post – read this article!