Dinner @ KFC!?

Hey Guys!

I wish I had a healthier dinner to report for you – but tonight we had a busy evening with errands, etc. and during our running around we thought about stopping at a restaurant for dinner… but we didn’t.

So, when we got back to our place, well after 7 o’clock this evening, and we decided to go down the street to Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner!!!

Thankfully, I was able to get some “sort of” small portions of things. I had three chicken strips, a small serving of mashed potatoes and gravy and one biscuit. The entire dinner came to about 650 calories.  Considering I had only consumed 575 calories during the day, I was still under my 1500 calorie limit. However, I wish that my dinner had been a little bit more well rounded!

Oh well – there is always tomorrow 😉 I definitely enjoyed not having to make dinner and being able to eat something quickly when I got home.  I could have made a veggie wrap… but maybe I’ll do that tomorrow night!

Although we didn’t get to the gym tonight, we did a lot of walking after work. We were walking around for at least two hours after work. I’m also excited because I bought Ben a Sigg water bottle that he can take to work with him and I replaced my awesome lady bug / grass Sigg bottle… I still cannot believe someone stole my water bottle!! What’s up with that!?

Oh – since I didn’t have a picture worthy dinner tonight, I will post the picture of what I made for dinner last night now that the photos are working a little bit better today!

Last night we made a great pizza! The pizza dough was pre-made… and I added reduced fat cheese, tomato sauce and turkey pepperoni (if you haven’t tried Turkey pepperoni – do it, I LOVE IT!)  Along with the pizza, I made a really good salad as well.

This dinner was soo good last night!

Hope everyone is having a good night! See you tomorrow.


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