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Happy Hump Day…

Hey All –

How is it just Wednesday!? This feels like the longest week… perhaps due to the time change!? I’m not sure. But I have not had a good night’s sleep in two nights… and that makes for long days. Oh well.

This morning I took a tip from one of my running magazines… when your early morning alarm goes off – immediately turn on your light. That makes it harder to ignore the alarm (which I am really good at!!) and go back to sleep.  Even though I was exhausted from another night of no sleep, I was able to get up at 6:30 and get the day started.

Ben was in charge of coffee, per usual. (Life savor – as always!) I packed my lunch (and even made a turkey sammie for Ben and filled up his new Sigg water bottle!) and got ready to head to work. I figured I had a few extra minutes to whip up a fast egg white sandwich for breakfast. I’m so glad I finally made this great breakfast on a weekday!  Here is what it looks like:

This time I remembered to spray my bowl with cooking spray, which makes the egg whites a lot easier to get out after cooked. 🙂  I poured 1/4 cup of egg whites into the bowl, added a very tiny pinch of salt, a good amount of ground pepper and garlic powder – and then popped it into the microwave for 90 seconds.  At the same time, I toasted a light whole wheat English muffin with a sprinkle of TJ’s light Mexican cheese… once all aspects of the sando were ready, I compiled them together, and ran out the door with it. Of course in a perfect world, I would have loved to enjoy the sandwich while reading the newspaper – but I was running behind.  Oh well!

The good news about the sando was that it kept me going for over five hours until lunch time! I love it – thanks to the protein from the egg whites. 🙂

Breakfast had 180 calories. I’m amazed that this sandwich was so filling and under 200 calories.

Lunch was the same deal as yesterday… with a few additions. I still had the awesome sandwich on Arnold’s sandwich thins… this is so the best sandwich ever!

Along with the sandwich, I had 8 ounces of skim milk and Goldfish crackers. This definitely brought up the calorie count of lunch, but it also kept me going for a really long time during the afternoon. The total count was 435 calories.

At 4 o’clock I had a small handful of raisins (50 calories) to fuel me for a trip to the gym.  My gym workout was awesome today. It was mostly cardio – 50 minutes total. 25 minutes on the stair-mill (hell!) and 27 minutes on the treadmill, mostly jogging with a little bit of walking.  I burned about 375 calories today. After the cardio, I did weights for about 15 minutes.

For dinner tonight, I made a pizza with the other crust we had left over and a big salad. Here is what my plate looked like:

I had seconds on salad, and I have salad left over for part of tomorrow’s lunch.  The toppings on the pizza are turkey pepperoni, broccoli and skim mozzarella cheese.

Here is what I had for dessert last night and it was the best!

A 100 calorie Vitamuffin top with Teddie peanut butter on top. Perfect combo!

Ok, I’m signing off for now. I still cannot believe that today was only Wednesday. Two more days left… we can do it!!


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