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Hi Bloggies –

Sorry that I’m so behind in my postings. I was not feeling well for a couple of days, but glad to report that I’m doing a bit better now – well enough to catch up on my posts at least!

So, Thursday got off to an early start because I had to be at work no later than 8am to help with a media event at work. I was a little rushed in the morning, and did not have time to eat my Iggy’s bagel before I left the house – disappointing! When I went to Whole Foods on Wednesday night, I had picked up two (one for me, one for Ben) whole wheat sesame seed bagels for breakfast. I ended up having mine with lunch.

For breakfast before the media event, I had a Peanut Butter Kashi bar. It was important to have something in my system before all of the business at work started!

By 9:30 I was back at my desk, and I enjoyed several red grapes (also from WF) these were perfect and they kept me until lunch time.

For lunch I had another bowl of the veggie  barley soup, the bagel and some orange and yellow peppers with hummus. Everything was fantastic!

The day at work was really busy, a lot of running around which was fun! The day went by quickly, and by 3pm I was hungry for my afternoon snack. I had a serving of no sugar added Apple Sauce. My stomach was definitely missing the Greek Yogurt today!

After work I went home and played with Daisy for a while. Have I ever mentioned that our cat plays fetch with us!? She loves playing fetch up and down our stairs… so we did that for a while yesterday and then I changed to go to the gym for a quick workout before meeting up with some friends for dinner.

At the gym I jogged a mile and walked for a bit – for a total of 15 minutes on the treadmill. Then I did strength training for 25 minutes. I had been avoiding the weight areas at the gym since they have been so busy since the New Year. But since this was Thursday, the gym was not quite as busy as it is in the beginning of the week.

I was at the gym for a total of 45 minutes.  I got home just in time to shower and get ready to go out. Ben and I picked up our friend Stephanie and we all went over to Charlestown where we had dinner at Figgs.  Half way to Figgs I realized that I had forgotten my camera!!! Meh. I was dissapointed because I knew the food would be beautiful!

I started with a salad of mixed greens that I split with Ben. I had no idea that a simple salad of mixed greens could be so amazing – but it was!  I ordered the salad dressing on the side (thank goodness!) but I added a spoonful of it to my greens, and it was fantastic. The dressing was a lemon vinaigrette with garlic. With the fresh ground pepper I had our waiter add, this was one of the best mixed green salads I have ever had, if not the best.

Stephanie and I split a pizza while Ben and Chris ordered entrees.  The pizza Stephanie and I split was half portabello mushroom and half “Bronx Bomber” which is a cheese, pepperoni, tomato sauce and fresh basil. Both of the pizzas were wonderful – but by the time we had the main course, I only was able to eat a piece and a half of pizza… what can I say? The salad, bread and olive oil got the best of me!

My friend Stephanie and I go to Figs a lot. I really like the restaurant and the food. We usually go to the one on Charles Street in Beacon Hill – but now that I’ve been to the one in Charlestown, I have a new favorite. It is a larger space, so you do not feel quite as on top of the other people eating… and the four of us had a great table – right in the window. It was a really nice atmpshere!

Well, that about sums up our evening and my busy day. All during our night out though, I thought it was Friday and that the weekend was beginning. How disappointed I was to discover that we had another entire day of work ahead!


One thought on “Thursday

  1. That’s the kind of dressing we ate while me and my friends were in Ecuador. Next time u forget your camera use ben’s iPhone. They take great pics!

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