Breakfast · Lunch


I had a great breakfast on Friday! I remembered that we had some packets of instant oatmeal (no sugar added even!) and I grabbed one to take with me to work along with a banana, and a to-go packet of Barney Butter. Great combo!

I warmed up the banana in the microwave for 15 seconds, then I mashed it in the oatmeal bowl while I waited for my water to heat up. Then I combined all of the ingredients together and came up with my breakfast bowl of oats! It was sooo satisfying and kept me going all morning long!

For lunch I had a chicken salad wrap, I made the chicken salad from canned chicken which I found in our pantry…. when I opened it up this morning, I thought I was making tuna salad… I was surprised! 🙂

I mixed the chicken together with a teaspoon of Miracle Whip and then added red pepper flakes, garlic, and ground pepper to the mix. That really gave it some nice flavor!  At lunch time I made the wrap. I piled on some mixed greens onto a small tortilla wrap, and then added the chicken salad. It was sooo good – I could have had two! But instead, I snacked on some grapes. Here’s what the wrap looked like before I rolled it up:

Now that I’m looking at the wrap, I’m reminded that I added some mustard to it – because I left the hummus at home by accident. Oops! 😦
Here is what the rest of the lunch looked like:

But I never ended up having the pudding. I brought it back home with me.

I was very glad the weekend had arrived after work on Friday! I did not do much last night, but I relaxed after a long week – the first five day work week in a while! I’m so happy for the weekend 🙂

Hope you are all enjoying your weekends so far!  Here in Boston we are preparing for yet MORE SNOW – they are calling for 8 – 10 inches in our area tonight!  It seems like it will never end!  Well, I guess that is winter in New England for you!


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