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Long time no post!!

Hey Bloggies –

Wow, I cannot believe how long it’s been since I have posted! I am sorry. But trust me, I have not forgotten about you guys!

So, today at work I was wondering where I was going to start this post off… eventually I figured I would start with Friday.

Friday morning I had an amazing bagel from a great Jewish bakery in Brookline.

Kupel’s Bagel is at 421 Harvard Street in Brookline. They have wonderful, amazing bagels!

I had an onion bagel and I spread a little bit of Earth Balance on top of it.  Surprisingly, I was hungry before lunch time – which I thought was really weird! Usually a bagel keeps me so full for most of the morning, but no such luck on Friday!

For lunch I had a great wrap from the UMASS campus caf – my friend Katherine and I walked down from our office to grab lunch. It was a nice walk and I got a great sandwich, too!

The sandwich was on a spinach wrap, with four slices of roasted turkey breast, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, red onion and dijon mustard.

Along with the wrap, I had a small bag of Baked Lays, which was about 120 calories.

For dinner on Friday night, I met my friends Lauren and Coral at Teatro on Tremont Street in Boston.  Teatro is a great place for dinner, drinks, etc. Because we were not ordering full dinners, the three of us sat at the bar and had a great time. Lauren ordered an individual sized pizza (which I had one piece of), Coral ordered a pasta dish and I ordered a white bean dip (amazing!!) and we enjoyed our time together. If you have not tried Teatro, I highly recommend it!

After the food, the three of us went to the movies and saw Bride Wars. It was hilarious! The three of us (having planned our fair share of weddings in the past, I guess) really enjoyed the movie – even if it did get bad reviews! 🙂

At the movies I enjoyed a small popcorn, too!

That’s a wrap up for Friday… I’ll do another post for the weekend soon!

I am now back on the blog, and I am welcoming myself back after a brief and unintentional vacation!  :mrgreen:


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