Hey Guys –

Saturday was definitely my best day of the weekend! I woke up and made a great breakfast.  I used another bagel from Kupel’s along with egg whites with low fat mozzarella, and a Morningstar veggie sausage. The protein and carb mixture really did the trick – I did not eat again for HOURS!

After digesting 🙂 I went off to the gym.  I did some serious power walking for the first 35 minutes at the gym. I walked at a 4.0 on the treadmill, with the incline anywhere between 2.5 – 4.5. It was a great walk!  After the walking, I did strength training for half an hour. After weights, I walked on the treadmill for a ten minute cool down.  Fun times.

When I got home from the gym, I decided a snack was necessary. I enjoyed a piece of protein bread, and a tablespoon of Barney Butter along with a handful of red grapes and a glass of skim milk (with a little bit of chocolate stirred in!) – what a great snack!

For dinner Ben and I met his cousin at the RoadHouse in Washington Square, in Brookline.  The Road House is relatively new, I think and it’s owned by the same folks that run Publick House.  I cannot believe that they do not have a website, but apparently that is the case (umm… can someone get on that please!?)

Ben had an amazing bowl of chili and an order of onion rings. Lara had a pulled pork sandwich. I was fortunate with the most amazing menu selection! Who would have thought that a BBQ place would have the most amazing veggie burger EVER!?!? Well, the Road House has the most amazing veggie burger. If the menu was on line, I could describe it to you in better detail – but I’m at a loss. 😦  I do remember the menu talking about roasted root veggies, and I definitely saw a lima bean mixed in 🙂 All I can say is if you are at the Road House and are looking for a non-meat or sort of healthy choice – go for the veggie burger! I added a slice of Swiss cheese on to mine, and instead of fries ordered a side of mixed greens (which were also fantastic!)

After the Road House – we decided to rent movies and head back to Lara’s house. It was sooooo cold out on Saturday night (about ten degrees while we were walking around!) and when we got home, Lara made me an amazing cup of hot chocolate. The Disney mug was filled with half skim milk and half water, Ghirardelli hot chocolate mix (the most amazing stuff in the world!) and mini marshmallows! YUM.

During the movie we also enjoyed CANDY!! We bought Dark chocolate peanut M&Ms and sour patch kids!!  It is a rare night that I will actually indulge in candy like this – but it was fun 👿

Even with the sugar overload, I still managed to fall asleep on the couch during our second movie in our movie marathon Saturday night!


One thought on “Saturday

  1. Yum! I’ve actually had a veggie burger just like that. Maybe it’s the same company.
    Did Ben give you your x-mas/birthday giftie?

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