Buitoni product review

A couple of weeks ago I received a lovely package from my friends over at Foodbuzz. I was so pleased to find a package of Buitoni’s Wild Mushroom Agnolotti – a new product for Buitoni.

Here is what the package looks like:

This package was full of fresh pasta. Ben and I were so excited for our taste test… and that is when things sort of got crazy. We finally had a chance to cook our pasta up a while back… it was a Friday night, after a long day at work and an exciting shopping trip at REI (I love their annual anniversary sale!) I started cooking the pasta a little after 8 o’clock in the evening…

I had my camera out, the plates out and a low sodium tomato sauce to have with the pasta. Once the pasta was done cooking, I removed the ravioli from the cooking water, put it on our plates, drizzled the tomato sauce over the pasta, brought them into the dining room and ate everything.  The problem, you might ask? I totally forgot to take a photograph of the final product! Not usually a problem, especially if it is just one of my usual dinners – but for a product review, I felt horrible not being able to show you what the meal looked like.

But thankfully, I can tell you about it.  I have to tell you that I loved this pasta. I am always in search for a mushroom ravioli that I can buy in a store. Normally I only see cheese ravioli, which I do not like, and really cannot eat because I am allergic to a lot of cheeses.  Many times I am tempted to order a mushroom ravioli when we are out for dinner, but I never know if there is a lot of cheese mixed in with the mushrooms, and then I would be stuck with a dinner that I would not be able to enjoy quite as much.  This is one reason that I was so excited to try this product out – and I have to say, the mixture is just perfect and the past a is sooo fresh! The one draw back is that the pasta does contain a lot of sodium, but if you are not enjoying something like this on a daily basis, I think it is ok.  🙂

I really did love it, and I have to thank Foodbuzz and Buitoni for sending me a package to sample and review.

I am also excited to tell you all that you can now find Buitoni in your local grocery store! The other day when I was at Shaws, I decided to look in their fresh pasta section to see if they were stocking the Wild Mushroom Agnolotti yet – and to my delight they were! I definitely think that Ben and I will be enjoying this pasta dish again sometime soon.


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