Relaxing Sunday morning

Hi All –

Wow, I must say I am really enjoying such a relaxing weekend!  I’ve gotten exercise, cleaning done, and accomplished a lot on my small to-do list 🙂

Today did get off to an earlier start – I decided to avoid another late morning sleep in by setting my alarm last night!  I set the alarm for 8:20 this morning, and got up a few minutes before 9 o’clock to start the coffee.

Ben and I enjoyed coffee in bed while watching our Sunday morning news shows and the French Open men’s finals. I finally got my act together and made my breakfast a little while later…

My light whole grain English muffin, Teddie peanut butter, a banana and a second cup of coffee…

Yesterday it occurred to me that Daisy has not made an appearance on the blog in quite some time. We have had “the Dais” for almost a year now and she is 14 months old and I think she is going through her teenage years. Here she is relaxing on the top of our couch yesterday afternoon:

She says hello to all of the Sugar & Spice blog readers 😀

Ben and I just finished watching part of an episode of the Phantom Gourmet – the show was covering all different brunches across the city of Boston. I was so happy to see a brief segment on Bread & Chocolate and their amazing Hong Kong Ding-Dong…. the next time you’re in our neighborhood stop in to see if Eunice has made any of these delightful treats – they are well worth it!!

Ok, Ben and I are planning a bike ride and picnic today… I will be back later to report to ya’ll. Have a great Sunday everyone!



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