Happy Fourth of July!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry about this ‘vacation’ that the blog is on… I accidentally forgot my camera cord to download my pictures so the blog won’t have much art for the next few days… But I can still post, I guess.

Today I had a great day – I think there is almost nothing better than waking up to Wimbledon tennis! 🙂 I love the women’s finals. I was totally rooting for Venus, but it was still a fun match to watch this morning.  I enjoyed some peanut butter puffins and skim milk during the match – not exactly breakfast at Wimbledon. When I went to the market yesterday, I tried to get some strawberries since that is a more traditional meal for this occasion, but with all the rain we have been having the strawberries are suffering!  How sad – not a good batch of berries were to be had, at least not last night. I will have to try again soon – strawberries are one of my favorite things during this season!

A little bit after the tennis ended I went for a three mile run and then stopped by Starbucks for an iced skim vanilla latte. It was the first caffeine I’ve had in a couple of days and it tasted great.

Well, I’m heading out now – but I wanted to put out a post and wish all of the blog readers a Happy Fourth of July!

Have fun and be safe, ya’ll!


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