Sunday’s Breakfast

Hi All –

This morning I woke up in RI and one of the first things I had to think of was what to fix for breakfast.  I went with Great Harvest honey wheat bread, toasted with my new favorite almond butter and blackberry preserves. This was a great combination. I really love this almond butter from Trader Joe’s:

It is the closest thing I’ve found to Barney Butter and not very expensive at all.  I think it could be just a little less salty, but overall it has a wonderful taste. If you are near a Trader Joe’s swing by and pick up a jar – see how you like it!

The blackberry preserves was a jar that I received as a gift during the holiday season this past year. I only just opened it this morning!  It worked perfectly with the almond butter and honey wheat toast.

I also made a green smoothie this morning. I used the berry flavor of the Green Super Food and a scoop of Jay Robb’s protein powder mixed with a cup of milk and 1/2 a cup of water.  I am without my blender at the moment, so having my blender bottle is a huge help. The bottle does an amazing job mixing all of the ingredients together. The smoothie tasted pretty good – but I must say that the berry flavor worked a little strangely with the milk and vanilla protein powder taste… It was not bad – just different!

The Blender Bottle:

Green Smoothie:

Now I have to start getting ready for a busy day. At 12 o’clock I am going over to a friend’s to celebrate her birthday and at 2 my friend Katherine is coming down to Providence to explore the city. I am looking forward to showing her the city for the first time. We are planning to cook a pretty good dinner tonight, so I will be back to post later today 🙂
Have a great Sunday everyone.


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