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What to have for my afternoon snack…

Hi All –

Just a quick post to say hello. It is 3:45 and I am starving at work. I have three choices for an afternoon snack:

1. Lemon Larabar

2. Peanut Butter Luna Cookie

3. Banana

I am just not sure which one to enjoy.

I will be posting more tonight to discuss my new life as an early morning commuter!  Things I have to remind myself to make my morning more productive and faster:

1. Decide what clothes I am wearing in the morning

2. Listen to the weather report – if it’s going to rain, find my umbrella and rain coat before going to bed the night before!

3. Pack my lunch before going to bed the night before!

These three things are key to having a low stress morning and getting out the door on time and to work all in one piece.

Even though I have a longer commute to work I’ve been doing my best to incorporate exercise into every day. (Yesterday I had two power walks – three miles at lunch and 2 1/2 miles after dinner!) I also have to make sure to get enough sleep and eat lots of fruits, whole grains and vegetables to keep my body on track.

I hope everyone is having a great day! See you tonight for a recap of the last couple of days…


One thought on “What to have for my afternoon snack…

  1. I ended up having the Lemon Larabar – it was awesome and kept me full until I got home at 7pm!

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