Hello blog land –

Today I realized that not only are half the drivers in metro-Boston on vacation on this lovely first week of August, half of the commuter rail customers are also on vaca! Good for them. Because of these wonderful people taking holiday, I have had a really great commute so far this week. Monday was a breeze driving in both to work and from work – getting home in an hour or less. This morning on the train my friend Tim and I were able to relax in a three seater – just the two of us! I felt so spoiled 🙂

Last night I realized I had forgotten my travel mug at the office – so no pre-setting the morning coffee for me. Instead I decided to stop at Au Bon Pain in South Station on my way to catch the bus. I indulged in a cinnamon scone (which I haven’t finished yet) and a medium french vanilla coffee with 2% milk.  It was a great breakfast and ran me $4.23.  Not too bad – but still it would turn into an expensive habit if I did it every day!

Here is my scone:

For lunch today I have more turkey chili (aka Sunday night’s sloppy joe stuff!) with a repeat of yesterday’s snacks – grapes, green peppers and a little bit of hummus.

Have a great day everyone!


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