Breakfast · Lunch · Walk


Last night I did the bare minimum to get ready for my uber-early Monday morning. Just about the only pre-planning I managed to do was put a lunch serving of the turkey sloppy joe mix into a Pyrex to go container and pre-set my coffee maker to turn on at 5:59 in the morning (ie the most important thing in the world).

I went to bed with a ‘good idea’ of what I’d be wearing in the morning but nothing already laid out and ready to go.

All of this being said, I was surprised by how quickly I was able to get ready and out the door this morning.  I had to shower, pick out an outfit and pack breakfast, snack and the rest of lunch. It is amazing that I got to work at 7:30 this morning after a 50 minute drive!

My breakfast was going to be the ultimate grab and go… a lemon zest Luna Bar (this is a great one). I love having an array of healthy bars at home – just for these sorts of occasions.  I did not want to arrive at work with nothing planned for breakfast and decide that the ‘only’ option was a bagel!

To my delight I discovered I had left two Stoneyfield yogurts in the staff refrigerator at work – so I only had half of my Luna bar and six ounces of organic strawberry yogurt.  A great combo!

Before my 12 o’clock walk, I had a small handful of unsalted almonds in hopes that it would stop my stomach from grumbling. (It did work.)

My lunchtime walk was only 30 minutes and probably 1 ¾ miles.  It was hot even right by the water – but what a great day to get outside at lunch!

After the walk I re-hydrated with 16 ounces of cold water – it was totally refreshing and much needed!   I worked back at my desk because the heat had totally tamed my hunger. After another half an hour of work, I finally started getting hungry again and went down to warm up my turkey mixture which I considered to be more of a chili today since I ate it without bread.  A lot of times dishes like this are even better the next day after the seasonings have a chance to blend together.  This was definitely the case with my turkey sloppy joe dish 😀 it was great!

Along with this I snacked on grapes (which I had for  a snack the rest of the afternoon), green bell pepper slices with garlic hummus.  A fairly well rounded lunch, as I had protein, fruit and veggies in one sitting.  I only ate about half of the green pepper and hummus pictured. I will bring the rest for tomorrow’s lunch, I guess.

At 3 o’clock I finally finished my grapes with a dark chocolate Adora disk for calcium.

After getting home from work I did not have enough energy to get to the gym… but hopefully I will tomorrow.  Tonight’s dinner was not photographed – but I had Udon noodles with tofu and vegetables with a glass of skim milk for more protein!

I hope everyone had a great start to their week! I had a productive Monday at work – so I feel like I’m off to a good start for the week.
I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow… tonight my mini-Monday goals are to pick out my work outfit tomorrow and pack my lunch tonight!


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