A 12 hour day at the office… oh, and a burrito!

Hi All –

I hope you are all having a great Monday evening after a wonderful day at work 🙂 I got home from work at 8:30 tonight… it was a long day, but a positive and productive day too – the best kind. No time for running after work, but I went on a fantastic 45 minute walk at lunch time today. It was one of those fantastic October days when it’s crisp and cool – but if you’re exercising it is actually quite warm. I love days like this!

On my way out of the house at 6:25 this morning I grabbed my travel mug with chocolate soy and coffee and half a piece of 12 grain bread to keep my stomach happy. (It worked!) At around 8:30 this morning I had my real breakfast – a slice of my mom’s homemade pumpkin bread – it was fantastic!

For lunch I had half of a club sandwich left over from my Sunday dinner out with friends. The turkey was really great – like actual carved turkey breast…. it reminded me of left over Thanksgiving meals. I cannot believe that Thanksgiving will be here so soon! It is my favorite holiday of all time – can’t wait!

Because I knew I had a long night ahead, I had two snacks planned. My first snack was around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, a pear and a small handful of almonds (about ten of them). I loved this snack! It was the perfect balance of fruit / carbs / healthy fat and protein. Yum. At 5 o’clock I had a Chai Tea Luna bar – a kind I had not tried before. It was good, and it kept me going until dinner at 8:30 tonight.

When I lived in Boston I used to have an Anna’s burrito after a night of working late at the office. Tonight I was totally craving Anna’s – perhaps out of habit. There was no way I was driving into Brookline to get my burrito fix… so instead I drove 40 minutes home, stopped at the grocery store, bought some fixings and went home to make a burrito myself!!


On the stove top I put together brown rice, black beans and diced up green peppers… yum.

Putting my dinner together:


Light cheddar cheese, fresh salsa, lite sour cream, and my brown rice / black bean / green pepper mixture.

The final product:


A very satisfying dinner after a very long Monday! That’s about all I have for now, friends. But I will be back soon!


One thought on “A 12 hour day at the office… oh, and a burrito!

  1. This burrito looks yummy! It would be a filling meal, too. You did have a VERY long day on Monday. Hope the rest of the week isn’t that stress-filled.

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