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Sunday: Exercise and Lunch

I just love three day weekends! Every so often I love having a three day weekend when I have scheduled little or nothing. I just adore having three days where I feel no pressure to accomplish anything. These are some of the best times – Friday and Saturday I was able to hang out with my friends and cook wonderful meals. Today I enjoyed a super relaxing morning, and this afternoon I got out and enjoyed the great October weather.

This afternoon I went over to Blackstone Boulevard, where I do my outdoor running. I love “the boulevard” as my family and I call it – mostly because the train one runs or walks on is packed dirt and gravel (and at this time of year there are colorful leaves and acorns – that occasionally hit me on the head as I exercise). When you are running often, it is great when you do not have to run on pavement (booo – pavement hurts knees, backs, and bodies in general).

This past week I took it easy with my mileage. I did not run at all and only went on a couple (three) walks which were about two miles each. I had a very busy time at work, last week and I have been having a bit of knee pain lately. Today I figured it was time to hit the road, after six days of rest. I got three miles under my belt today with a run / walk combo. Not too bad. Four hours later, I am not in pain at the moment – so far so good!

After the run / walk I went to East Side Market to pick up some salad things, Olga’s bread (to eat the remaining cassoulet with tonight!) and a few other items that were on sale (Annie’s mac & cheese and Amy’s burritos were not on my shopping list today, but the sale was too good to pass up and you can always use these things for days when you do not have time to make a full fledged dinner!)

By the time I got home I was starving. I whipped up an amazing sandwich with tuna (1 teaspoon [maybe less?] celery and a dill pickle chopped up and mixed in] on the remaining baguette from last night… I sliced up some cucumber, tomato, layered that on and spread garlic hummus on one side and spinach pesto on the other… I loved this sandwich!


Carrot sticks on the side:


Well, the Red Sox just lost the third game of their series and their season is officially over 😦 I am contemplating this while sipping some lovely peppermint tea. Oh Sox. So sad.


I am going back to my book now (I hope to finish A Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore this weekend – I really like it so far, I’m about half way through). I hope you are all having a great weekend.


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