Monday Morning – Coffee and Pancakes

Hey All –

Well, for those of you enjoying a three day weekend, I hope it is a great one for you! For those readers who are at work… I am sorry. 🙂

I woke up pretty early this morning, around 8 o’clock. I made coffee and caught up on some blog reading first. Nothing like Curious George to start your day off right:


This is a vintage Curious George mug… I love it! I used to have four Curious George mugs in my coffee cup collection… but over the years a few of them (3) broke, which was heart breaking because they are very hard to find these days. I now have two left… the one pictured above was given to my by a friend because they knew I was in search for more Curious George (I still am!).

At around 9:30 I decided to make pancakes. I have to admit, I used heart healthy Bisquick to speed along the process this morning. When I use a mix to make pancakes, I always add a splash of vanilla and a dash of cinnamon to add some nice flavors. It is sometimes hard to tell that these pancakes come from a box mix! This morning I added bananas to the mix, and garnished the tops of the pancakes with a few extra slices, and some Earth Balance.


I had two medium sized pancakes for breakfast with a bit of maple syrup. It was a great way to start off the holiday! Now I am off to run errands, and finish stuff up around the house. Hope everyone has a great day – and I will be back later!!


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