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Tuesday – back to work…

Hey All –

Hope everyone had a good day today! For me, it was back to work Tuesday. My commute was super fun in the rain this morning 😉 Luckily while I was waiting for the train it was only ‘drizzling’ and the rain held off for the second leg of the journey, the bus ride! My office is over a mile from South Station. In the morning I take the bus to save the 15 – 20 minute walk, but in the afternoon I really enjoy the walk to the train after a day of work.

I woke up early enough this morning to re-pack my lunch 🙂 Last night when I ‘packed’ my lunch I was totally uninspired. I am really glad I had enough time this morning to re-organize my day of food.

For breakfast I had a packet of instant oatmeal, half a small banana and a tablespoon of Barney Butter:


This was a really good breakfast, especially because it was sort of cold and raw out this morning! This breakfast kept me going until lunch time without a problem.

I was super excited for my re-invented lunch today! I had two slices of sour dough bread, spinach, tomato slices, a light Laughing Cow cheese and a hard boiled egg. I melted the laughing cow onto the sour dough and piled on the rest of the ingredients onto the bread for an open faced sandwich. This totally hit the spot!


I garnished the sandwich with some black pepper. I love my new sandwich and I cannot wait to have it again soon. I also snacked on a few carrots and celery sticks, and the rest of my small banana that I had from breakfast. A lot of fresh, whole foods for lunch – it was fantastic!

It was really cold in my office today:


I felt like I was dressed for a day in January, not October! I had a long sleeved tee-shirt, a sweater and a scarf on. Wow. Maybe I am not ready for winter this year!?

At 4:30 I was starving and I had to take a quick break from my work day to grab a quick snack to try and tied myself over until the end of the day. Thankfully, I had a Luna cookie tucked away in my lunch bag. I often pack a “just in case” afternoon snack, especially on Tuesdays because they are my longer and later days at the office… I do not get home until around 6:45 on these days.



I really do like the Luna cookies, and the chocolate mint flavor especially. The ‘cookie’ definitely tastes healthy, and it is rather good for you compared to a run of the mill cookie! These are 95% organic, and there are lots of vitamins and minerals packed into them! At only 130 calories, they are not too bad for a once in a while treat.

I walked my 1.2 miles to the train this evening, and once I was on the 5:40 train I had to enjoy three pieces of dried apricots (not pictured). I enjoyed reading my book and chatting with my friend Tim on our ride home.

Once I was home, I really had every intention to go to the gym. I hate to admit it, but I did not make it to the gym, and I feel horrible about this. I hate feeling guilty when I do not make my personal gym commitment. I have to remind myself that on a weekly basis, I am good about getting exercise between my lunch walks, walks to the train, my runs (2 or 3 times a week) and my visits to the gym. It is not the end of the world that I did not go to the gym tonight! 😦 Uuughhh! It was soo dark when I got home, and I was ready to settle down with a big mug of tea and my book!

For dinner tonight I had a container of Annie Chun’s organic Teriyaki Noodles with vegetables. To add some bulk to this dinner, I minced up one clove of garlic and added the garlic to a hot pan with a teaspoon of olive oil. Then I added a cup of spinach to saute. This was a perfect addition to the noodles:


Along with “dinner” I had a tall glass of skim milk. Soon after dinner I did make myself a big mug of peppermint tea, and it is really hitting the spot right now!

Well, that is a re-cap of the day. I hope everyone is staying warm! It feels like winter out there to me!



2 thoughts on “Tuesday – back to work…

  1. It’s a very cute picture of you! Guess it’s cold everywhere a bit early this year. Your sandwich does look yummy!

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